• Professor Ma Jun’s group reveals the membrane fouling mechanism of gravity-driven ceramic membrane filtration

    According to Heilongjiang Daily News, April 13, 2019, sewage has become clear water, sea water has become fresh water, and rain has become a clean water. Scientists have been focusing on scientific research, and gravity-driven ceramic membrane filtration technology is an important technical means...
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  • The status of the inorganic ceramic membrane industry

    China’s research and application of ceramic membrane technology started relatively late. In the 1990s, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the University of Science and Technology of China and the Nanjing University of Chemical Technology and other high-level scientific research institutions a...
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  • Ceramic film cleaning method

    The membrane must be cleaned due to a decrease in flux due to contamination of the membrane. 1. The general principle of membrane cleaning is high flow rate, low pressure, and the permeate side valve must be closed. In general, membrane cleaning methods are generally classified into physical meth...
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